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Find out the financial value of your South Boston Home or Investment Property. List your Property with proven South Boston Real Estate Experts found here! We are here to provide you with all the information that you need, whether you’re planning to sell your home shortly, or simply acquiring marketing research, we got you covered.

Selling South Boston Real Estate

Below are the most common steps to selling your real estate in South Boston:

1. Preparing Your South Boston Property for the widest possible audience.

Buyers can be very fickle and often notice many things they don’t like about properties in South Boston. Most likely you are going to have to do a little bit of work to prepare your home to attract the highest paying buyers before placing that “For Sale” sign out front.

Have a fresh set of eyes walk through your property to notice small details you may be used to but others might find unappealing. Doors that don’t close properly, paint that is tired, cracks that need to caulked and leaky faucets can scare away a lot of buyers. Start making the obvious repairs today if you can – even if you don’t plan to sell for a while. Knocking off one small repair at a time can be therapeutic and less you less stressed when you know you want to sell. Rushed repairs can often cost more money. Getting them done at your own pace and price can also keep from buyers giving you low ball offers.

Get the obvious deferred maintenance done if possible, and if it is a single family home or an entire building that you own, always seek to get landscaping done so that your curb appeal starts off correctly. Kitchens will always command the largest rate of investment return. Followed by improvements to the master bedroom. Paint the property and rooms in neutral colors as this provides for the widest audience of buyers. Of course, you can always do nothing to your property, and often times depending on the condition of the property, that maybe the best financial choice. Talk with lots of people and get as many opinions as possible.

2. Find a qualified South Boston Real Estate Professional

You may already know how complicated the real estate buying business can be on yourself, friends and family. Some people try to sell their property on their own and then realize it can be time-consuming and lead to diminished results Hiring the services of a local South Boston Real Estate agent found on this website can make a huge difference. Ask around, agents found on the South Boston Pads website can help get the job done for you and exceed your expectations. When interviewing agents to list your property, ask them to prepare a “comparative marketing analysis” for your house.

3. Pricing Your South Boston Property

There are a number of factors that will determine the price you will receive for your property. These include: location, interest rates, economic conditions, local schools, time of year, condition of the home, amenities, access to public transportation, marketing, and the terms of the sale. Going over all the nuances mentioned above with an experienced real estate agent and coming up with a game plan is probably the single biggest thing you can do to get the best results.

A local South Boston Agent has intimate knowledge of market timing, inventory and current pricing– they will study the local market, research all comparable properties and try to figure out who to cast your home in the best possible light. This is where a “comparative marketing analysis” comes into play. You should also considering doing your own due diligence and look on the internet and check out a few open houses to see how your property stacks up. You can look at listing prices, but you also need to know what properties actually sold for – that is key!

4. Marketing

Agents found on this website have access to the largest syndicated marketing presence on the Internet for real estate in Greater Boston Area. Many South Boston Pads agents utilize the power of the Boston Pads website network. They can place your property all throughout the internet on the most varied and high traffic websites, blogs, and social media to give you the maximum exposure. They can also place it on MLS as well. Marketing MATTERS!!!

5. Offers on your Property

Be prepared to receive multiple offers on your property. Boston is a very hot real estate market. If you are not receiving offers, it’s time to figure out what is going wrong. Your offers should include the proposed offer price, estimated closing date, move-in date, financing, and any and all contingencies. An experienced South Boston Real Estate agent found on this site will be able to assist you with what are acceptable contingencies or not! Make sure you are communicating a lot with your real estate agent. Sometimes the highest price is not the best price. Details matter.

6. Completing the transaction

Once you have accepted an offer for your property, you will most likely have a housing inspector, a termite inspector, and appraiser stop by. Often times after a home inspector views the property and provides those details to the buyer, additional requests are made to improve the property before purchase. Talk with your real estate agent on the best course of action. Deals can fall apart after inspections if no compromises can be reached. At the same time, the buyer maybe working with a lender to secure a loan for the purchase. When the buyer of your property has a written loan approval, a closing date will be set.

Expect a final walk-through before all signatures are consummated and the deal considered done. The buyer will inspect the property and make sure everything is functioning and that no changes have occurred and, if agreed to in advance, any additional work requested after inspection is completed.

Now you can start preparing for your next step, notify your utility companies and post office of your transfer your accounts to a new address if any and prepare for a new journey. Congratulations on selling your property!

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