Tips for Buying a South Boston Home

As a thriving historic neighborhood that is currently undergoing extensive revival and property renovations, more buyers are finding South Boston very appealing. Southie is simply a great place to live. The variety of investment options makes it necessary for buyers to assess their needs when searching for real estate in this neighborhood.

An increasing number of buyers have been professionals and families that both realize the unique benefits of proximity to downtown, water accessibility, and a community atmosphere. Choosing the condo or house that best meets your needs can be a difficult process, but you’ll be prepared with the assistance of a South Boston Pads professional.

Buying Historic vs. Renovated or New Development

Although historic homes are quite beautiful and full of character, they often come with issues that may require some home repair and renovation. If you prefer modern convenience to DIY or hiring contractors for your fixer-upper, a historic home in South Boston might not be the best choice. You may consider compromising character for a more modern condo in a historic building or newly renovated home.

Consider Your Transportation Needs

Do you prefer public transit or driving to work or school? The beauty of living in South Boston is the close proximity most areas are to trains stations and bus stops on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. South Boston is in close proximity to major road ways like route 93, Summer Street and Northern Avenue that lead right into South Station and Downtown Boston.

Know Your Amenity Preferences

Some buyers are looking for a neighborhood feel with multifamily homes near parks while other are looking for bay access to harbors, beaches and boating. South Boston is a peninsula surrounded by water with areas like Castle Island, City Point, Dorchester Heights, Pleasure Bay and the Seaport District. South Boston has several styles of homes like brownstones, three-deckers and high-rise condo buildings depending on the area. The amazing dining, local entertainment, festivals, cultural organizations and retail establishments make South Boston a premier location to buy.

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